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Prices start from £20 per room

To replace your carpets and upholstery every time they got dirty would clearly be cost prohibitive.

A considerably more cost effective way to keep your carpets and upholstery looking nearly new is to have them professionally cleaned.

Most carpet manufacturers advise 6-12 monthly professional cleaning to maintain their warranties.

For as little as £20 per room you could extend the life of your carpets dramatically.

Manor Domestic & Commercial Services use only the best equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the very best results.

Carpet Stain Protection
Prolong the life of your carpets and make cleaning easier with carpet stain protection. From as little as £1.50 per square metre.
Commercial Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine
Sphere Cleaning Machine
Blower Dryer

Steam Extraction vs Shampoo


Steam extraction cleaning is the preferred method of carpet & upholstery cleaning of most manufacturers due to;


Shampoo methods leaving sticky detergent residue which attracts dirt immediately after cleaning.


Strong detergents used in shampoo cleaning are seldom biodegradable leading to environmental issues.


Extended drying times for carpets after shampoo treatment compared to hot water extraction.


Well maintained steam extraction cleaning machines can leave carpets & upholstery almost dry to the touch and useable within much shorter times.


The majority of cleaning chemicals available for steam extraction cleaning are environmentally friendly.


Non-detergent cleaning materials prevents sticky residue on carpets after cleaning thereby not attracting dirt as soon as carpet is dry.


Caring For Your Environment

Carpet Beetle
Furniture Beetles



They are a major cause of allergies and are a trigger for sufferers of asthma.


Steam Extraction Cleaning can rid you of them easily and cheaply.

Prochem Cleaning Products
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